Event Types at the Career Center

In order to provide Postdocs and Doctoral Researchers with valuable and indepth insight not only into different career options, but also give them the necessary tools to follow a career path, the Career Center offers a wide spectrum of different formats to fulfil different needs. These include everything ranging from Career Talks over Company Visits to tailor-made Workshops on different topics.

For a definition of each Event type, please see below -

* please note: due to the pandemic situation, some event types will not be possible (i.e. Brown Bag Sessions, Company Visits). As soon as we are able to plan these again, we will let you know!

Event Types

Career Talks

The Career Talks are organized by HELENA (Helmholtz Graduate School Environmental Health) and DINI - Doctoral Students' Initiative as well as with the Postdoc Association and HR Development in collobaration with the Helmholtz Munich Career Center for Postdocs and Doctoral Students. They are designed to help you to explore different career opportunities inside and outside academia that suit your strength, values and priorities. Guest speakers from different career fields will give you insights into different career sectors and you will have the chance to ask detailed questions and to find out what it’s really like to work in this sector in a relaxed atmosphere.

Career Talks often take the form of a presentation by the guest speaker. However, we are currently trying to move this format into a more interactive event, where a member of the Career Center will have a conversation with our guest, thereby creating a lively atmosphere.

We would also love to hear what individual career paths you would like learn more about, so please don't hesitate to send us an email or submit a "Topic Wishlist", if you have any ideas or suggestions.


In order to provide Postdocs and Doctoral Researchers with necessary skills to successfully follow their career path, the Career Center offers a wide variety of hands-on workshops. These can cover topics such as "CV & Cover Letter Writing", "Project Management", "Entrepreneurial Skills" and many more.

We would also love to hear what you need and about your ideas for future workshops! To do so, please send us an email or submit a "Topic Wishlist".

Diversity on Stage

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.) are vital parts of organisational culture, which lives and breathers only if all members of an organisation are aware of underlying issues and know how to address and implement them. In order to create awareness and to support all members of our Helmholtz Munich community – regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, social standing, and many other factors – we have created our own format, to spotlight J.E.D.I. topics. These range from

  • power abuse,
  • inclusion in the workplace,
  • unconscious bias,
  • mental health,
  • gender gap,

and many more. We will be inviting inspiring speakers to talk about different aspects, including

  • what these topics actually entail,
  • how to recognise potential problems, to empower you to make independent choices and to advocate for yourself and your community, and
  • best practice examples on how diversity and inclusion have been incorporated into company cultures.

Together with you, we want to tackle these sometimes sensitive issues and – by fostering sensibility and mindfulness – make Helmholtz Munich an even more inclusive and diverse workplace. So, stay on the look-out for our "Diversity on Stage" logo and join us in our events.

If there is a topic that you would like to have addressed, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or the topic wishlist.

Brown Bag Sessions

The Brown Bag Session lunch format (duration 60 - 90 minutes) offers an exchange and discussion on career-relevant topics such as funding, mentoring, networking, job interviews, entrepreneurship, and many more. In this format, we work together closely with other departments within Helmholtz Munich (e.g. HR development, Project Funding).

The original concept of brown bag lunches refers to the brown paper bags that employees might pack for their lunch at work. 

Company Visits

Company Visits offer a great possibility to explore career opportunities outside academia.

The Career Center organizes Company Visits on a regular basis to provide you with insights into the work environment in different companies and to give you an opportunity for networking and professional exchange.

  • Explore different job profiles and skill requirements first-hand
  • Learn more about the work environment and culture of a company
  • Meet and network with professionals