Career Center Cancellation Policies

Please note that our one-one-one coaching sessions, as well as our workshops are in demand. In order to maximize availability for all members of our target groups (doctoral researchers and postdocs), please adhere to our cancellation policies:


One-on-One Coaching Cancellation Policy

If you fail to keep an appointment unexcused (i.e. do not show up, arrive more than 15 minutes late), you cannot book another appointment for four weeks. Please call us or write an email ( at least one business day in advance.


Workshop & Webinar Participation Cancellation Policy

Many of our interactive webinars and workshops have limited participant slots, to enable us to focus on you as individuals and not just "preach to the masses". Especially those events related to CV and Cover Letter Writing are in extremely high demand, meaning that they are fully booked and waiting lists fill up within an hour of opening registration. Therefore, it is only fair to your peers, that you cancel your participation in these events via email (, at least three business days prior to the interactive webinar/workshop taking place. This way, people on the waiting list will have a chance to take part instead and the spot is not wasted. Should you fail to do so, you will not be able to partake in interactive webinars or workshops offered by the Career Center for eight weeks and we will deduct 250 € from your travel grant funds.

This is also valid for interactive webinars and workshops consisting of more than one part (i.e. our 2-part CV Workshop), where participation in both (all) parts is mandatory upon registration. Should you not show up unexcused for the second (remaining) part(s), you will also not be allowed to participate in upcoming Career Center workshops and/or interactive webinars for the following eight weeks.