CAREER Search Engines

There are many job search engines available out there, the sheer quantity of which can be overwhelming. To give you a place to start, we have collected some search engines that we find useful for young scientists. The search engines are not limited to the German market, but also give you an overview of the European and international market.

CAREER Search EngineCountry
Academic Positionsinternational
academicsmainly Germany
Access Science JobsDiscover jobs in science, technology and engineering, mainly UK
EU CareersEuropean Union
Euraxess Researchers in Motionmainly Europe
Euroscience JobsPostdoc positions in Europe
Faculty Vacanciesinternational, mainly science positions
indeedinternational (available in 60 countries, google "indeed" for your specific country)
Nature Careersinternational, science positions
PharmajobsGermany, positions in pharma, biotech, medicine, chemistry & physics
Postdoc Jobsmainly USA, postdoc positions in science
Researchgateinternational, science positions
STEM Careersmainly UK, but also other European countries
Jobbörsemainly Germany