At HMGU, there are Ombudspersons for both Doctoral Students and Scientists in general. In both cases, they are designated impartial individuals, who can be approached in cases of conflict, scientific misconduct and similar issues.


Ombudspersons for Doctoral Students:

Ombudspersons for graduate students are designated impartial individuals who mediate in cases of conflict between graduate students and their advisers. All conversations are strictly confidential. The ombudspersons are nominated by the graduate students and are elected for a term of two years. For the term of 2019 - 2021, the elected confidants can be found here.


Ombudspersons for Scientists:

Ombudspersons for scientists at HMGU can be contacted when there is a requirement for counsel and support in regard to good scientific practice and/or potential misconduct. They can also be considered in conflicts, before institutionalised supervisory bodies are approached.

The current ombudspersons at the Helmholtz Zentrum München can be found here.