Counselling Office

All employees at the HMGU can contact the Psycho-Social Counselling Office, which was established in June 2011. It is independent, bound to confidentiality and focuses on psychological counselling in the context of work and the workplace:

  • Provides individual counselling in work and family stress situations
  • Identifies mental health problems (such as burnout, depression) and – where appropriate – initiates therapeutic treatment, thus providing support in bridging waiting times
  • Provides contacts and addresses
  • Provides crisis intervention in the case of accidents and psycho-social crises
  • Serves as contact person in case of mobbing
  • Provides conflict management along with moderation / mediation / assistance in clarifying situations for employees, executives and teams
  • Provides counselling in the case of difficult leadership situations
  • Participates in the design of working conditions and workplaces from a psychological perspective
  • Addiction prevention/handling of addictions and anxiety at Helmholtz Zentrum München

Health Promotion:

  • Stress management/promotion of work motivation
  • Absence management, one-on-one meetings, participation in Corporate Integration Management meetings, advisory function
  • Promotion of a respectful leadership and communication style