Welcome HMGU Postdocs and Doctoral Students!

Career development is a journey. Wherever you are in the process, the HGMU Career Center offers you a wide range of services, such as online resources, workshops, meetups, talks as well as one-on-one consultations.
On these pages we offer you information on our consultation services, our upcoming career talks, company visits, and career courses at the Center.

With all our offerings...

  • ...we empower and assist postdocs & graduate students  to steer and navigate their careers,
  • ...we enable and foster an environment to explore possibilities and facilitate decision marking,
  • ...we connect in multidimensional ways to resources, organizations, methods, networks etc.
  • Most important: We look forward to meeting you!


Career Center Services

CAREER Consultation

Individual Career consultation is intended to empower you to plan and take proactive steps towards your career goals.
The HMGU Career Center Team offers embedded Career Consultation services for Postdocs and Graduate Students. All services are individual sessions with one of our Career Center Consultants / Coaches.

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CAREER Sessions

A variety of small and big events in diverse formats offer you many valuable opportunities to network with interesting and successful career personalities within academia and from companies throughout the year.

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 *Individual Development Plan

An individual development plan (IDP) helps you explore career possibilities and set goals to follow the career path that fits you best. It represents a personal roadmap to enhance your knowledge, skills and abilities and also possible career paths.

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CAREER Resources

We offer a variety of resources (both online and within HMGU Career Center Offices) to empower you in successfully navigating your career. 
The Career Resources Online pages have been set up to motivate you to pro-actively engage in your personal career development.

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I want to...

... receive a quick consultation

Please visit us during our Walk-In Hours for quick advice. 
We offers 20-minutes drop-in sessions for Postdocs Doctoral Students on select days. No appointments necessary. Some common questions covered during drop-in sessions include:

  • CV-Check 
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Professional status Check
  • Career Q&A: Career related questions 

... create or revise my CV, resume or cover letter

For a CV Check please drop by during the Walk-In Hours or schedule an Career Consultation Appointment.


... learn more about the services of the career center

Under Career Center Services you can find an overview of our services. 

You will find all dates regarding career sessions and Walk-In Hours you will find here

... get more information about job profiles and explore career opportunities

The Company Visits offer a great possibility to explore career opportunities outside academia. Check out the upcoming sessions

For detailed career advice or detailed information regarding job profiles we will offer you our Career Counseling Appointments. 
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... make a career decision

We will offer you our our Career Counseling Appointments for your career decision. 

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... book a Career Consultation Appointment

Please book your apppointment here.

We also offer flexible appointments in the early morning and evening hours.

… explore my career options

  • We will help you to identify your interests, skills and values.
  • We will help you to explore career option.  
  • We will provide you with information regarding job profiles and their required skills.  

Please book an appointment. 


... cancel an appointment

Please let us know at least 24h in advance.

Please be aware of our 
Appointment Cancellation Policy.