Company Visits

Company Visits offer a great possibility to explore career opportunities outside academia.

The Career Center organizes Company Visits on a regular basis to provide you with insights into the work environment in different companies and to give you an opportunity for networking and professional exchange.

  • Explore different job profiles and skill requirements first-hand
  • Learn more about the work environment and culture of a company
  • Meet and network with professionals

Each Company Visit consists of a 1-hour preparation webinar followed by a full day excursion. Participation is possible for all Postdocs and Doctoral Students of HMGU. 

Company Visits Q3 & Q4 2019

September 2019: Clariant & Experts

  • Date: 30th of September 2019, Location Planegg (bus tripp will be provided) 
  • Preparation Webinar: 20th of September 2019
  • Registration is closed 


In the morning, we will be visiting Clariant (9:00-11:00). Why go to a chemistry company with a group of mostly biologists? Because Clariant has a strong specialisation in biotechnological processes. It is the world leader in second generation biofuels with its sunliquid technology, turning agricultural waste materials into fuels and chemicals.  So, everyone who is proficient at working with enzymes should listen up

We speak with Dr. Tim Sieker (Engineer, Fermentation Technology) and Herr Dr. Henning Marckmann (Head of R&D Biofuels & Derivatives) who will give us a guided tour and will discuss with us.

In the  afternoon  we will enjoy a panel discussion HMGU with a range of experts from different fields.

  • Dr. Michaela Elbel is a partner at the patent law firm Pateris. Her scientific background is in virology. Her years of experience in the patent law field will make it possible to give you an overview over this field and how it is to work in this job (Job Profile: Patent Attorney).
  • Dr. Lisa Steinhauser is working for Shodex, a supplier of chromatography columns. She has worked at four different companies ranging from pharma to food analytics and from niche player to multinational.
  • Laura Kühn is project manager at the Chemiecluster Bayern. This job gives her an excellent overview over the breadth of life science/ chemistry companies in Bavaria (Job Profile: Projekt Manager) 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!



October 2019: Roche

  • Company Visit to Roche: Friday, 11th of October 2019 
  • Preparation Webinar: Tuesday, 1st of October 2019 
  • Trainer: Dr. Philipp Gramlich (Natural Science Careers) / Dr. Nicola Bauer (HMGU Career Center for Postdocs & Doctoral Students) 
  • Registration closed
  • Please note you will need to fill out a travel request form incl. the signature by your PI. The number of participants is limited. In case of overbooking, we will keep a waiting list and contact you if any spots become available.
  • Details & Agenda 


Past Company Visits Q2 /2019

July 2019: Roche & BioM

Date: 26th of July 2019

Roche 09:00 am - 02:00 pm / BioM starting 03:00 pm

Preparation Webinar: 16th July 2019 



Past Company Visits 2018

May 2018: Eurofins & Nuvisan

Date: 2nd of May 2018, Location Ebersberg & Grafing (bus trip provided) 

Preparation Workshop: 26th of April 2018

Trainer: Dr. Philipp Gramlich (Natural Science Careers)

Registration is closed 


July 2018: Roche & smaller giants

Date: 6th of July 2018, Location Penzberg & Neuherberg (bus trip provided) 

Preparation Workshop: 3rd of July 2018

Trainer: Dr. Philipp Gramlich (Natural Science Careers)

Registration is closed 

September 2018: Sandoz & metabion

Date: 13th of September 2018, Location Schaftenau (A) & Martinsried (bus trip provided) 

Preparation Workshop: 10th of September 2018

Trainer: Dr. Philipp Gramlich (Natural Science Careers)

Registration is closed 

October 2018: BioCampus Straubing

Date: 23rd of October 2018, Location Straubing (bus trip provided) 

Registration is closed