What?  A relaxed networking event for all postdocs of the HMGU with
pizza & drinks (Event of the Postdoc Association)

This time featuring  special guest: Dr. Marina Rubey.

“After completing my PhD at the institute of experimental genetic at the HMGU, I had originally planned to leave academia. However, I changed my mind when I got a unique opportunity to simultaneously be a postdoc and part of a small entrepreneurial team at the LMU. I was one of three founding members of NanoCapture – a LMU spin-off project. After reaching certain important milestones for the start-up, I realized that the academic environment is not something I want for my career. Therefore, I decided to give up my dream to be an entrepreneur and instead went for consulting. A decision which was by far not an easy one, but was valuable for my career.”

When?                 Thursday, 14th of November @16:45
Where?                HDC building (3620), room 041