Career related ebooks and audios

The HR Development offers an eLibrary with ebooks and audio titles. The Career Center has selected some Career releated titles. Check out our selection. 

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Application & job interviews

Essential job searching tools, Paul H. Brisk (2015)

Creating your CV as a self marketing tool, Paul H. Brisk (2015)

Career Change 4 U. Three Steps to Success. Your C.V. a Selling Document, Colm W. Cavey (2015)

Résumé Secrets Exposed, Gavin F. Redelman (2015)

Interview Secrets Exposed, Gavin F. Redelman (2015)

The fastest way to the job interview, EmploymentCare (2015)

Networking & Social Media

LinkedIn: 40 fast facts and fixes, Jane Stephenson (2017)

Mastering LinkedIn, Karen Brown (2019)

How to Find Your Dream Job. A 5-Step Process, Amy Geffen (2019)

Ignite Your Career. The New Grads Bible, Soulaima Gourani (2015)

Time to get hired, EmploymentCare (2012)