FAQ - Career Center Services

What is the HMGU Career Center?

The Career Center is the central contact point for career consultation and guidance for postdocs and graduate students. 

What services do the Career Center offer?

The Career Center Team offers flexible individual consultation sessions, meetups with peers, company visits, webinars and online career resources supporting the career development. The Career Center furthermore supports you in gaining a clear picture of personal strengths, values, interests and information regarding various career paths.

How can the Career Team support me?

The Career Center Team supports you in exploring your talents, interests, skills, to review your career chances, to optimize your application documents. To ease the decision-making, together we develop a career plan and explore your career options.

What is the difference between a Walk-In Consulting and a Career Consultation Appointment?

Walk-Ins are meant for quick questions which can be answered in a 20-minute drop-in session while Career Consultation Appointments aim at an in depth take on the topic of career chances and development. For Walk-In Consulting no prior appointment is needed. Please book a Career Consultation Appointment here.

FAQ - CVs & Applications

Will you proofread / edit my resume and cover letter?

Our resume review services focus primarily on resume content, not grammar. We encourage you to access the help of friends and family in reviewing and editing your resume and cover letter.

I have a job interview coming up. What resources are available to help me prepare?

For short questions, you can visit us during the Walk-In hours. If you feel you need an intensive preparation, please book an appointment.


I want to review my resume and / or cover letter. Do I need to book an appointment?

Please come to our Walk-In Hours and bring a copy of your application with you.

FAQ - Career Sessions & Events

Where can I find the current dates for Career Sessions and Company Visits?

All information of our current events, sessions and company visits you can find here.

Do I need to register for the Career Sessions & Events?

Please register for our events, so it makes planning easier for us.