CAREER Consultation Appointment

Discuss your career topic with a career consultant one-on-one.

The HMGU Career Center Team will empower you to sort through your questions, concerns and uncertainties regarding your future. During Career Consultation Appointments, we can support you to explore questions central to managing your career.

Common topics:

  • Clarify your career-related goals
  • Interest, values, personality and overall career assessment
  • Chances and opportunities in academia
  • Developing ideas for your career
  • Exploring career paths
  • Career decision-making process
  • Optimize your application documents
  • Prepare for a job interview or assessment center

Location: Career Center Office:  Career Center Office, building 33, room 102

Duration: 60 - 90 minutes 

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The process of booking an appointment is confidential.


General Information Session

We give you an introduction into what career development in general and the Career Centers program in specific offer you. According to your current situation and concerns we will recommend you selected services from the Career Center and increase your awareness about interfaces within the HMGU structure, such as opportunities and courses offered by HR Development or services at the Funding Service.

You can also consult us on insurance issues e.g. when working abroad and we offer hands-on information about applying for unemployment money at the German Unemployment Agency.


  • What services does the Career Center offer?
  • How does HMGU promote my career development?
  • How do I apply for Unemployment Money?

Career Orientation / Career Opportunities and Options / Career Guidance and Orientation / Professional Orientation

We offer you a reflection space to gain more clarity and become aware of the skills and competences you have, as well as the personal values, motifs and interests that motivate you.

With increased clarity about your current situation we then strengthen your ability to match your skills and preferences with jobprofiles on the wider market as well as in academia and show you how to explore them proactively.


  • What can I do after my Postdoc?
  • What job suits me best?
  • How do I become a professor?
  • Does an industry position suit me?
  • What are my strengths and potential?

Career Action Plan / Career Transfer

To drive your career transfer forward we strengthen your ability to define a number of career goals, to explore them and make career decisions. We also support you in identifying core competencies gaps and prioritize your next steps.

We enable you to design a convincing cover letter and CV and teach you how to tailor your application material for specific branches and positions. In strengthening your ability to do professional networking you will widen your perspective on your career goals and discover new opportunities on the hidden job market.

In mock interview settings we provide active feedback on your self-presentation in job interviews and increase your self-confidence to present yourself in a professional setting. For those stepping into entrepreneurship we offer a platform to reassess business ideas with strategic consulting and mock pitches.


  • How do I apply successfully?
  • Where do I find open job positions?
  • Is my business idea convincing?
  • How do I promote myself on social media?
  • Why do my applications get rejected?