CAREER Center Standard Workshops

The Helmholtz Munich Career Center's aim is to support and guide young scientists, when it comes to developing their career paths - from identifying where this path will lead, to learning about the relevant building blocks within an application process. To this end, the Career Center team has designed and implemented target-group specific workshops, enabling us to not only expand our reach within the target groups, but also to (1) reduce repeating questions during individual coaching to better focus on individual needs and (2) address common needs with a larger audience.

Our standard workshops will each be offered three times per year, so that as many members of the target groups can profit from participation, as possible. Ideally, participation will occur in the same order as presented below, as some of the information will build on the preceding workshop. But this, of course, is not mandatory and the workshops are also structured in such a way, that participation in only one will also bring you the full benefit.

Introduction to the Individual Career Development Plan (IDP) and How to Get Started With It

Do you want to find out more about your values and skills, explore potential career options and create your own personal roadmap to the career of your dreams?

The Helmholtz Munich Career Center launched the Individual Career Development Plan (IDP) in 2021, which was created especially for Postdocs and Doctoral Researchers. The IDP is a personal roadmap, designed to help you clarify your values, interests, and skills, explore career possibilities, set goals, and take concrete action towards a career that suits you best.

In the IDP workshop "Introduction to the Individual Career Development Plan (IDP) and How to Get Started With It", you will …

  • ...learn to take a positive outlook on your career development as a scientist,
  • ...receive a step-by-step guideline on your personal career development,
  • how to use the IDP for your career questions, and
  • ...get started straight away with a first individual and group exercise.

If you are ready to actively tackle your future career, register for one of the upcoming IDP workshops (dates and times can be found in the calendar under "CAREER Events")!

For further information regarding the IDP, please visit our website here.

CV Workshop

Are you on the verge of applying for jobs but dreading the writing of your CV? Do you want to show your skills and potential on paper for roles outside of academic research, but don’t know where to start?

The Helmholtz Munich Career Center offers an interactive CV workshop that will teach you from the bottom up how to write a contemporary and convincing CV, especially for the German job market. We will not only show you the key components of a CV, but also talk about the required mindset for you to be able to tackle this challenge successfully and joyfully!

In this 2-part workshop you will learn:

  • the basic structure of a CV,
  • how to analyze job advertisements,
  • how to tailor a CV to a specific job advertisement,
  • which transferable skills you already possess, and
  • the key aspects of a successful CV

How we teach? Be prepared for a dynamic and interactive workshop with group exercises, presentations, real-life CV examples and much more.

What else you will get? A 15-page booklet on CV-writing that will help you to write your own CV.

Your contribution? The workshop requires your active participation and the completion of a homework between both sessions (est. time 2-3 hours).

If you are ready to break the ice and write your own CV, register for one of the upcoming IDP workshops (dates and times can be found in the calendar under "CAREER Events")!